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Co-Responder Consulting

A consulting service supporting law enforcement organizations in the development
and implementation of co-responder programs, either embedded or collaborative. 
Menu of services includes pilot studies, hiring support, remote 24-hour co-responder 
supervision and support, trainings, IT development and support, funding development, 
jail mental health evaluation, and even 24 hour co-response by telehealth, or 
boots-on-the-ground (if basic lodging is available, or reimbursed). PO Box 20652
Boulder, CO 80301
[email protected] 303-818-3754
Smart Communications

Smart Communications is the most innovative company in corrections. We provide
a complete SmartEco system of inmate technology, intelligence and automation all
in one unified platform. Phones, Tablets, Kiosks, Visitation, E-mail, MailGuard,
Education and so much more. Smart Communications will empower your Agency
with the most innovative solutions  that will streamline operations and unleash the
power of analytics for not only today but for years to come.

10491 72nd St
Seminole, FL 33777
[email protected]  888-253-5178