It’s been almost a year since we launched our new website! We continue to learn new ways to improve the value of the site for our members, sheriffs, and vendors.

For instance, we’ve added a link to Public Safety Colorado under our Resource tab.  This page is an initiative of CSOC, Colorado Chiefs of Police, and Colorado Fraternal Order of Police.  Together, we share our efforts in educating the public and community leaders about public safety issues, the work of peace officers and our commitment to serving our communities.  Be sure to visit this page regularly to get the latest information.

We also added a Traffic Safety page under our Resource tab. This is just the beginning of the work we are initiating in efforts to stop the public health crisis of fatal car crashes.  The page provides links to information regarding teen driver licensing, older driver education, and overall transportation safety information regarding driving in Colorado. Check it out...but not while driving!

And for our Vendors and Sheriffs we will be going live with a comprehensive catalog designed to make it easier for Sheriffs across the state to find and connect with trusted vendors who supply needed products and services to law enforcement.   Honorary members are welcome to browse the vendor listing as well. 

We do this and more as our commitment and duty to public safety in Colorado.  

We THANK YOU for being a member and supporting the sheriffs and their agencies throughout Colorado.


Amy J. Nichols, Executive Director

Our Programs 

CSOC offers many opportunities for sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement agencies each year to enhance and keep their professional education and technical training current.  These courses are coordinated by CSOC staff and are available throughout Colorado.

In addition to training, we sponsor a scholarship program for Colorado high schools students, publish a magazine for our members, host a Fallen Deputy Fund and participate on several local and national boards focused on public health and safety.  All with the focus of maintaining the utmost efficiency and integrity of our mission and our members.

Leading the Way to a Safer Colorado

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Get your exclusive County Sheriffs of Colorado branded merchandise sent directly to you!  Simply order online from our catalog and we will ship your products directly to you.                                                                                                                    
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